Founders of Progressive Edge Records

Record Producer Robbi Spencer has successfully launched the careers of many aspiring music artists over the past 25+ years. Robbi's influence on the face of music is a testament to establishing the foundation of the very future of music. Robbi has had several startup businesses over the years, that were all either sold for a profit or were paid by competitors to be dismantled. Robbi's companies have always been listed in the Dunn Bradstreet Journals. Robbi formed his first record label in 1989. He sold it, then later purchased Progressive Edge from Carter Sorenson in 1997 and began signing new music artists. . READ MORE


Recording Artist Shirl Spencer has been working and designing amazing 3D Worlds, designing the new Progressive Edge Records! Her skills as a 3D Designer are off the charts and knowing the future of the Gaming Industry, we stand to make a considerable amount of money by following our dream and pursuing this realm of technology. As a Music Artist, Shirl is Sweet and Sexy and a total Brat and that is a beautiful thing, so be sure and listen to her music below and visit her website for more information.. READ MORE


Chief Security Officer James McKee III a.k. a. Phoenix, Recording Artist, Musician, Slam Poetery Artist, Singer and Songwriter and Head Security. Phoenix is Shirl's first born and is also owner of the label along with Robbi and Shirl Spencer including all company subsidies and will be their successor when the Lord calls Robbi & Shirl home. Phoenix is known for his hit songs, "Forget Me Nots", "Illusions Dream", "One More Tear", "Taken By Ecstasy", "Haunted By the Memories of Love" and "Forever Came Today" among others. Phoenix handles all artist and label security and soon heading up label branches in other countries. READ MORE


Chief Financial Officer Jenn McKee a.k.a. Sapphire Artist, Singer and Songwriter. Jenn is the wife of Recording artist and CSO of Progressive Edge Records James McKee III and it's affiliates including all company subsidies and will be their successor along with her husband James Mckee III when the Lord calls Robbi & Shirl home. Sapphire has just released her debut single entitled "Mommy" along with many more to come! Jenn Mckee is also the founder and CEO of "Cooking with Jenn - A lil bit of Everything "where Jenn is the host of a reality cooking show that receives rave reviews. READ MORE