Producer, Film Director and Multi- instrumentalist, Sir Robert Spencer is on a Mission move the needle of pop culture forward a couple of grooves. Robert is the CEO of Progressive Edge Records, an Indie Label since 1997 as well as SE Studio Films, Lost Sheep Publishing and many other organizations. Robert has made a huge difference in lives of new and up coming artists and actors and is looking to expand thier talents in both the music and film industry. After many years of hard work, Sir Robert Spencer has plans to EXPAND the Entire Music Mega-Legacy of Progressive Edge Records!!
Looking to partner with Successful Business People in the Recording and Entertainment Industry, Robert is looking to Merge His Indie Rock Label, Productions and his entire empire with Another Successful Record Label or Media Production Outlet, to then Create a Sensible Solution to the BIG-3 Record Monopoly. We can do this if we work TOGETHER! Sir Robert Spencer and his wife Shirlanne Spencer are also looking to tour North America this summer. If you own and Record Label and are looking to merge with another label with endless capabilities and possibilities, then you're not here by chance... Please look over the merger page and feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you and God Bless!!

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