A true innovator from the future, Robbi has always kept his faith & dreams alive!

Signed to Progressive Edge on 5/26/1997

Performed live with The Tubes, Tommy Tutone, Navarro, The Georgia Satellites and many others. CEO of Progressive Edge Records, SE Studios and Lost Sheep Publishing.


Signed to Progressive Edge on 1/1/12

Released several solo albums previously, including "You never told me Good bye " and "Tonight" , "Is It True?", a Duet with husband, world renowned Producer Robbi Spencer. Recently just released the "A Matter of Time - The Power of Love Remix". An amazing collaboration with Robbi Spencer and world renowned Chris Spierer of The Space Angel Music Company.


An amazing singer/song writer/musician/slam poetry artist

Signed to Progressive Edge Records on 4/3/12

CSO and part owner of Progressive Edge Records and SE Studios. Phoenix released several singles including "One More Tear" and "Illusions Deam", "Taken By Ecstasy", "Haunted By the Memories of Love". Phoenix ' recent work includes being the Writer of "Forever Came Today" which was recorded by Recording Artist Shirl Spencer. Phoenix's most recent single of slam poetry is "Forget Me Nots" which has been recorded and produced at Progressive Edge Records and SE Studios


Just signed to Progressive Edge Records

Recording Artist and beautiful wife of Recording Artist and CSO James "Phoenix" Mckee of Progressive Edge Records and SE Studios. Sapphire has written many amazing songs such as 'For Mommy" and "Puppeteer" among others which will be recorded and produced at Progressive Edge Records and SE Studios



Edge Label is constantly advancing the needle of pop culture forward. Inspired by the great people of our industry including Jimmy Iovine and Mutt Lange, Edge Label prepares to merge with an unknown label/media outlet. All of us here at the label are excited to see what God is going to do in 2018!